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The soothing and stress reducing smell of lavender is the principal fragrance in our Tranquil spray. We have blended organic lavender essential oils from France, Hungary, and lavindin grosso from Spain, balancing the composition with a selection of supporting aromatic essential oils.

Designed to help ease tension and bring grace into stressful situations, it can be helpful for releasing the cares of the day and to prepare for a restful sleep.


Tranquil Spray For Room + Body

PriceFrom $9.00
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil: Comforting and uplifting, lavender is the key note in this blend, a well known antidote to stress and anxiety, helping to lessen symptoms of insomnia and nervous tension with its gentle aroma.

    Organic Chamomile Roman Essential Oil: A gentle component of this blend, with relaxing and nervine qualities, soothing the mind and emotions and calming nervous disturbance.

    White Chestnut Flower Essence: One of the original Bach flower remedies to help still a worried mind, especially when there is a repetitive quality to thoughts, going around and around the same ideas without resolution.

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