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Our Sesame Nose Oil can help keep dry nasal passages clear and moisturized, to achieve clear breathing, especially during allergy and cold season. Made with organic unrefined sesame oil, traditionally used in ayuervedic medicine to nourish and moisturize dry nasal passages, enhanced with a blend of essential oils to assist in clear breathing.

Breathe Easy Sesame Nose Oil

  • Organic Sesame Oil : A nutrient dense oil, rich in linoleic acid and is naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps moisturize the nasal passages and its antibacterial and antiviral qualities can positively affect overall health.

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil : Wildcrafted from Australia, our eucalyptus oil has a fresh, clean camphor like scent. It efficiently relieves congestion and can increase the uptake of oxygen into the bloodstream. It is antiviral , anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a decongestant, among many other qualities.

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