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Primavera Solid Perfume has a delicate spring-like scent that opens with a fresh citrus note of bergamot, to reveal hints of patchouli, rose and jasmine, finishing with warm undertones of vetiver.

Naturally sourced high grade essential oils blended to create a subtle personal perfume.  A unique synergy is created for each person as the perfume interacts with individual body chemistry and unfolds over time to reveal different nuances. 

Our solid perfumes are made from organic local beeswax, organic jojoba oil and fine essential oils. 

Primavera Solid Perfume

  • Bergamot Essential Oil: A bright, sweet and refreshing citrus aroma that is uplifting, calming and balancing.


    Jasmine Sambac Esential Oil:  Also known as night blooming jasmine, is less sweet than the more common jasmine grandiflorium. It has a 'greener', lighter and refreshing floral aroma with a musky undertone.


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