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A rich, absorbent blend of oils, that absorbs quickly and nourishes the hair shaft, helping to heal damage, combat frizz and resulting in shiny, manageable hair. To use as an intensive treatment, apply liberally to the hair and massage into the scalp to encourage hair growth. 

This oil is also beneficial as a cuticle treatment, massage into nails and cuticles to moisturize and strengthen.

Argan + Rosemary Hair Oil

  • Argan Oil : Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids this is a wonderful antioxidant oil for both hair and skin. It boasts amazing rejuvenating abilities, even helping heal split ends. It absorbs quickly leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

    Rosemary Essential Oil : This invigorating oil helps stimulate hair growth when applied to scalp, and can help slow the greying process. It has astringent properties that can have a positive impact on greasy scalps and dandruff.

    Neem Oil : Native to India, the neem tree has provided many benefits for both hair and skin applications. This antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral oil treats the scalp, helping with dandruff, soothing infections, and conditioning the hair.

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