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The soothing and stress reducing smell of lavender is the principal fragrance in our Lavender Solid Perfume. We have blended organic lavender essential oils from France, Hungary, and lavindin grosso from Spain, balancing the composition with a selection of supporting aromatic essential oils.


Ideal as a personal scent, the uplifting aroma has the double benefit of reducing stress and anxiety. Enhanced with flower essences for an additional sense of well-being.


The compact size of the tin container and easy application, make it a practical choice for those on the go.

Lavender Solid Perfume

  • Lavender Essential Oil: One of my favorite essential oils, it has many applications. A powerful wound healer, it's calming, sweet, herbaceous floral scent reduces stress, helps alieviate headaches and tension, and is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.


    Chamomile Roman Essential Oil: A gentle component of this blend, with relaxing and nervine qualities. Soothing the mind and emotions and calming nervous disturbance. A sweet, fruity and softly herbal aroma with a hint of apple.


    Ylang ylang Essential Oil: A powerful, sweet and fruity floral reminiscent of the tropics, native to the Philipines. Relaxing and euphoric.


    Lavindin Grosso Essential Oil: A fresh, herbaceous floral that is calming and uplifting with a slight camphoraceous note.


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