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Bring the fresh, woodsy scents of Taos into your bathroom with the Piñon + Cedar Hand Soap + Body Wash. This gently foaming liquid soap is perfect for use as a hand soap or body wash, offering excellent cleaning power while remaining gentle on the skin. Infused with pure, high quality essential oils and extracts, this multipurpose soap delivers a spa-like and aromatic cleansing experience.

Pinon + Cedar Hand Soap + Body Wash

  • Piñon Sap Extract: A naturally occuring antiseptic with cooling and pain relieving qualities, while being a great wound healer for burns, cuts, rashes and scratches. Not to mention its soothing and uplifting woodsy aroma, reminiscent of hiking in the Taos Mountain forests.


    Aloe Vera: Cooling aloe vera is hydrating, healing and soothing. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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