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NurtureEssence Skincare gift bags, selections of bottles in blue organza bags

We are a small company, nestled in the mountain town of Taos, New Mexico, dedicated to bringing you the best quality in natural skin care. The very specific climate of Taos has influenced the qualities we look for in our products. Long lasting, moisture rich creams are essential in the drying conditions of high altitude desert, where we are blessed with lots of sun and wind.


Each product is carefully crafted with great attention to detail and produced in small batches to ensure freshness and deliver the full measure of antioxidants and nutrients to benefit your skin.


We do not use parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals  that are harmful to our well being. It is important to us that we use ecologically supportive practices. We use recyclable materials in our packaging, and as much as we can for our shipping purposes.

All NurtureEssence products are enhanced with flower essences,

creating a multi-layered experience of nurturing your skin, and your self.

a woman in a garden surrounded by plants NurtureEssence founder Valerie Nielsen


The NurtureEssence story begins as my story, when I came to Taos in 1998 as an artist from New Zealand. I was captivated by the high desert mountain landscape, so very different to the coastal, sub-tropical environment I had come from and quickly felt a deep connection to the land.


After settling in Taos, I became fascinated with the local herbs and started wildcrafting and making flower essences from the abundance of local wildflowers, eventually creating the garden that grows many of the herbs and flowers used in NurtureEssence formulas.

I began experimenting with making my own natural skincare, free of toxic chemicals and designed to meet the unique challenges of living in an extremely dry and windy, high altitude environment, a huge contrast to the plentiful rain and humid conditions I had previously experienced. My focus was to create deeply hydrating, nourishing and protective formulas so that I could live in the desert without my face becoming one too!


Encouragement from friends led me to create NurtureEssence Skincare in 2012 and it has grown steadily since that time. From the few products I began with, there are now over 40 available, and with my love of the creative process that is probably not the end. I am inspired by my customers and the changing times to create new products that offer solutions to issues and some for the sheer joy of living in a skin!

Valerie Nielsen

Founder, formulator and maker.


Beauty begins on the inside, and flower essences can help us allow the unique beauty

of our spirit shine through our physical form.


Flower essences are a subtle yet powerful form of vibrational medicine, developed by Dr Edward Bach in the1930’s, a forerunner in the modern understanding of the connection of our mental and emotional bodies to the state of our physical health.


Flower essences are made as sun infusions from the flowering part of a plant, which is then diluted, potentised, and preserved in brandy. The resulting preparation carries the vibrational imprint of the particular flower and its attributes, which then interact with our ‘energy body,’ bringing about a subtle opening of awareness to our minds and emotions with the potential for positive change.

I had been using and making flower essences for many years when I started developing NurtureEssence skincare. It made perfect sense to me to include flower essences in my formulas, creating a holistic approach to skin health with the addition of plant magic.


The various stresses of everyday life take a considerable toll on our bodies and minds, in turn, directly affecting our skin and health. I created specific flower essence blends designed to support us through the day with a greater sense of peace and self-appreciation. 

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