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Experience pure hydration with our hyaluronic acid serum, for increased flexibility and an extra layer of protection against dry skin. Enhanced with the hydrating and  tonifying vitamins B3 + B5, adding this serum to your skincare routine takes it to the next level, for softer, hydrated and refreshed looking skin.


In extremely dry climates, such as here in Taos, it is advisable to use a layer of moisturizer or face oil on top to seal in the moisture.

Pure Hydration, Hyaluronic Acid Serum with B3 + B5

PriceFrom $22.00
  • Hyaluronic acid: Is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan (polysaccharides) found in the body's connective tissue and skin. It is the main component of what gives your skin structure and is responsible for that plump and hydrated look. A superior humectant.


    Niacinamin (B3): Helps to retain the skin's moisture content and smooth out the skin's texture, reducing the look of wrinkles.


    Pathenol (B5): Anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating, pathenol helps to sothe irritation and restore the moisture barrier.


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