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Our Nourishing Face Oil is a rich blend of nutritive plant oils and rejuvenating essential oils that aid cell regeneration and nourish delicate facial skin while locking in precious moisture. Our non-greasy formula is designed to absorb deeply for a dewy and smooth complexion.



Nourishing Face Oil

PriceFrom $19.00
  • Jojoba Oil: Closely resembles our own skin's natural sebum and has a natural affinity to it, absorbing easily and providing many important nutrients and vitamins. It also offers antimicrobal properties.


    Camellia Oil: Used used for centuries in China and Asia, has superior moisturizing and emollient capacity, absorbing quickly, carrying vitamins and essential fatty acids deep into the skin.


    Antioxidant Squalene: Derived from olives, protects skin cells and is deeply absorbent, delivering hydration and nutrients deeper into the skin.


    Enhanced with a skin supportive blend of pure essentials oils and the added benefit of flower essences, to promote a sense of well-being.

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