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Our healthy alternative to chemical laden deodorants is long lasting even on your busiest day. Emollient and anti-bacterial extra virgin coconut oil is teamed up with absorbent arrowroot and odor nuetralizing baking soda. A mix of pure essential oils include soothing lavender, uplifting bergamot and the powerhouse anti-bacterial tea tree which helps to eliminate odor causing bacteria.


An effective and natural way to smell fresh all day!


NOTE: This product will soften in high temperatures. In very hot weather keep lid securely closed as a precaution. If it does melt, just remix to evenly disburse ingredients and use as usual.



All Natural Deodorant

  • Organic Tea Tree + Lavender Essential Oils: Wonderfully fresh smelling, these powerful antibacterials help to prevent odor and keep your skin healthy at the same time.


    Arrowroot: Sweat absorbing and gentle on the skin.


    Shea Butter: This deeply emollient and nourishing oil protects and moisturizes your delicate underarm area.


    Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: has antimicrobial properties that will help keep odor causing bacteria at bay, while also leaving your skin moisturized.


    Baking Soda: this powerful natural deodorizer neutralizes the pH of your sweat and decreases bacteria that cause odor.

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